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Pre-Booking Discount

Upon completing a service, opting to pre-book your next session offers the incentive of 5% off next booking. This discount only applies if your next appointment is made prior to leaving spa the day of service.

Stay Tuned:

 Just Simply Relax, LLC is committed to offering special discounts throughout the year. Follow all social media platforms to see postings of any seasonal or special week promotions.

Discounted Series Packages:

Special Treatment

When you get a massage regularly you will experience the most health benefits. Massage calms the nervous system, improves blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, relieves muscle pain, and helps with pain management.

How often should you get a massage?
If you get a massage once a year, it will be relaxing, but it can’t undo a lifetime of muscle tension. Typically, once every week or two is ideal for keeping your muscle tissue in good shape. If you are in chronic pain or have a special issue to address, you might need to come weekly (or even twice a week) until you feel better.

Once you’re feeling good, once a month is the recommended minimum for maintaining the health of your tissue. If you start stretching the massages out too far apart, then your muscles can revert to their old patterns, especially if you come under stress. If you wait too long, you’ll have to start all over again to restore their suppleness and pliancy. Listen to your body.


Pre-Pay for 5 of the same *customized services* and receive the 6th Free!  *All Services must be completed within 120 days of pre-purchase*

  •  (45 minutes) $375 for 6 series regular $450 savings of $75
  •  (60 minutes) $475 for 6 series regular $570 savings of $95
  • (75 minutes) $625 for 6 series regular $750 savings of $125
  •  (90 minutes) $725 for 6 series regular $870 savings of $145
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